Saturday, November 6, 2010


Yar' Adua Dies At 58
Abuja, Nigeria(TNBES) The long time ailing Nigerian President and Commander-In-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, Omaru Yar’ Adua has been pronounced death on Wednesday 5th May 2010 at the age of 58.

The Nigerian leader has been ill since November 2009 and was flown to Saudi Arabia for treatment. He was brought back to Nigeria in February 2010 but not much was known about his health condition.

On Wednesday, the Nigerian Television Services (NTS) announce his demise at around 2300GMT.

His illness brought a lot of debate and led to protest in Nigeria that he (Yar’ Adua) should handover power to his deputy, Goodluck Jonathan.

While the news of his death continued to spread around the world, the BBC reported on Network Africa on Thursday 6th May 2010 that Mr. Jonathan, who was acting President, was being sworn in as full time President and Commander-In-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces on Thursday morning.

The late Yar’ Adua was the first elected president of Nigeria with a University Degree and one of his remarkable legacies will be the peace deal he brokered with the Movement of Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) and the granting of Amnesty to its forces.

The move help stabilize the situation in Nigeria’s rich oil region, something that the Nigerian Government and her people did not enjoy for nearly 50 years.

The Nigerian Government announced a week long national mourning for the late Mr. Yar’ Adua.

He was laid to rest at his home on Thursday.

In The Gambia, Nigerian Judges and prosecutors working for the Government have been given two days off to observe their early mourning, resulting to the adjournment of two high profile cases involving the former Inspector General of Police and the Director of National Drug Enforcement Agency. Vol:2 Issn:176

NB: The North Bank Evening Standard Wishes to extend its Condolences to the Nigerian population in The Gambia and in Nigeria. May his soul Rest in Peace.

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