Saturday, November 6, 2010

In Ex-IGP Trial Prosecution Cut Charges to Twenty-Eight

IGP Badjie Alone Bags Twelve Charges out of…

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The criminal trial involving Ex-Inspector General of Police, Ensa Badjie and two others have had their charges reduced to twenty-eight after the prosecution applied for an amendment of the charges against the accused persons on Monday 3rd May 2010 at the Banjul High Court presided over by Emmanuel Amadi.

The accused persons are facing charges of corruption, conspiracy, abuse of power and tampering of evidence, sedition among other things. Ex-IGP Badjie, Lt Col. Mam Matarr Secka and Major Kuluteh Manneh were initially charged with 30 Counts.

When the charges were read to accused persons, they all pleaded not guilty and Ensa Badjie alone is facing twelve counts.

The Deputy Public Prosecution (DPP) Richard N. Chenge applied for a short adjournment to give room for the third accused to secure a counsel and also for him to call
his witnesses for the hearing to commence.

Borry Touray, counsel for the first and second accused, Ensa Badjie and Lt Col. Mam Matarr Secka did not object to the application. He submitted that his clients were not
allowed to have access to their family members and their counsel.

He discloses to the Court that the prison authorities denied him access to his clients. The presiding Judge Emmanuel Amadi then asked the Prison Sergeant why they have not
been given access to see their families and counsel, but the officer responded
that they were not allowed due to some security reason, saying they are not
civilians, they are top security officers.

He assured the Court that very soon they will give them access. The judge told the court that he issued a warrant to the prison authorities and that alone is enough for the
prison authorities to allow the accused persons to see their counsel and family
members. The case was adjourned till 6th May, 2010 for hearing.

Case adjourned due to Yar’adua Death

On Thursday 6th May, 2010, the case was adjourned till Monday 10th May 2010, to give room to the Nigerian Judge (Emanuel Amadi) and Prosecutors (Richard N. Chenge
and Mikalive Abdoulie) to mourn.

However, the legal representative of the third accused, Major Kuluteh Manneh was not announced but there are unconfirmed reports that he is likely to be represented
by Lawyer Lamin K. Mboge.

The accused persons were first arraigned before Justice Emanuel A. Amadi on Tuesday 27th April, 2010. Vol:2 Issn:175

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