Saturday, June 18, 2011

Former Voice Newspaper Poetry Columnist Found Dead Hanging in His House

The Nigerian Enahoro family in The Gambia is in shock after one of their own, Sunday Enahoro was found death hanging in his house at Bakoteh-Tipper Garage, West of the Capital, Banjul on Saturday June 11.
Enahoro, 44, a teacher by profession was reported to have committed suicide.
Family members said prior to this tragedy, he has constantly complained about his high-blood pressure, from which he suffered a stroke.
He taught at Armitage High School and Ndows Comprehensive School. He is neither survived by a wife nor children. Those close to him have said Sunday had also constantly complained that he had no wife, no children, and he was virtually paralyzed when he suffered a stroke.  
However, most of the people who spoke to this paper, can tell exactly why he decided to end his life in such a manner. No message about his action was found in his house, and it was difficult to establish exactly when he did commit suicide. He was last seen on Thursday, 9 June 2011.
In 2009, he worked as a Poetry Columnist with The Voice Newspaper in Banjul. Most of his poetry work tried to address the contemporary situation of the poor and the political injustices that engulf today’s world.
Mr Abeoye Aderemi, a cousin to Mr Enahoro, who paid him a visit prior to his death, confirmed that he committed suicide. He noted that Enahoro once stayed with him in Banjul for three months after he was released from the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital where he was admitted for a week.
Mr Olatunde Michael, a friend to the deceased, said another friend called him on Saturday asking the whereabouts of the deceased. “I informed the caller that Sunday told me three days ago that he was going to the Church to seek prayers from the Pastor. I called Sunday’s mobile but it was switched off. Then I decided to check at his house but upon arrival, I knocked the door several times and there was no response.”
Mr Michael adds: “After peeping inside his house, I saw him hanging inside. I was very shocked after only finding out nothing but the sad end of my friend.”
According to him, long before this tragedy, he even gave his house to the deceased when he realised that he needed a conducive environment and he visited him constantly to find out about his health condition.
He added that Sunday was not alone in his ailment as the Church (Winners Chapel) has helped with his rental fees, and a friend in Sweden had helped sometimes.
Alhaji T.A. Mayor, a brother, said he met Mr Enahoro at Mr. Olatunde’s Barbing Saloon, where the deceased told him that needed money to go back to Nigeria. “I promised to help him out but he had no money at the time.” 
The Counselor at Nigerian Embassy in Banjul, Vanessa Ogugua was at the scene. She said she was informed about the incident by the PRO Ibe Rex and Nnamdi Nwamu, the Vice President of the Nigerian Community in The Gambia.
She noted that they will contact the family on burial arrangements, to determine if he will be buried in Gambia or sent back to Nigeria.
Mr Momodou Sey, the land lord, who lives at Brusubi, said he only found out that Mr Sunday was residing in his compound three days before the incident, but confirmed that the house was being paid for by Mr Olatunde Michael. ‘I was called by the other tenant that the Mr Sunday committed suicide.”
Mr Amadou Barrow, a public health officer at Sukuta said it is not advisable for anyone to live in that house for the time being. According to him, it needs to be sprayed with disinfectant-chemicals. The house was already engulfed with a decaying odor and Mr Barrow said it can cause blood burn infection, respiratory and skin infection to anyone who wants to live in there for now.  Modou S. Joof of our newsroom contributed to this story.  

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