Friday, August 24, 2012

GMC to rally against ‘killings’

GMC leader Mai Fatty
The opposition party, the Gambia Moral Congress has announced plans to hold political rallies across the Gambia to denounce what it called the “killings of death row inmates.”  

The statement followed widespread speculations that some nine death row prisoners were killed by the government on the night of Thursday August 23. 

“Despite diplomatic intervention from the EU, AU and ECOWAS, and outcry from the opposition and Gambians and friends around the world, President Jammeh reportedly executed nine death-row inmates and the remaining 34 prisoners are scheduled to be killed soon,” says a GMC statement.

The party’s leader, Mai Ahmed Fatty said GMC will take “immediate actions” which includes: “Holding a massive political rally in all Regions to condemn the killings and demand consequences; Raise a delegation to meet families of those killed where possible to express solidarity and offer our little financial support; Launch active campaign to raise awareness against the death penalty for its abolition, and encourage Gambians to exercise their rights.”

The GMC leadership also said it will conduct and intensify international consultations and diplomatic contacts with The Gambia's development partners “ To isolate the regime; To impose targeted sanctions on the President, Cabinet Ministers, Senior government officials and Security Chiefs. This should include travel bans, foreign asset and financial freeze in participating countries and termination of capacity support to security agencies; Encouraging participating countries to summon Gambia's Ambassadors in their respective capitals to condemn the act and demand immediate stop to rights abuses with consequences.

“Encourage the EU to terminate all budgetary support involving the security sector. Encourage the United States to end its Technical Cooperation with The Gambia Armed Forces; Urge participating countries to issue instructions to their diplomatic Missions in The Gambia to boycott official events in The Gambia and also exclude Gambian Missions in their countries from their Official events and work towards a Plan of weakening the regime's capabilities; Encourage the international community to positively engage the opposition and Gambian Diaspora groups and empower them.

“Urge the EU and AU to issue strongly worded Resolution of condemnation and coordinate their efforts on other measures, and to overtly demonstrate support for change in their public diplomacy outreach; GMC Leadership will dispatch a Delegation soon to consult with Gambians in the Diaspora for the harmonisation of required efforts and measures against the regime as a matter of priority; Engage international human rights organisations for solidarity initiatives; Engage the international media to attract sustained interest towards situations in The Gambia; Participate in all legitimate activities to accelerate the end of the regime within the shortest time practical.”

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