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YJAG inaugurates new board of advisers

YJAG President, Mr. Modou S. Joof
The Young Journalists Association of the Gambia (YJAG) on July 19, 2012 inaugurated its newly selected six-member board of advisers at a ceremony held at the William Dixon Colley Memorial Hall at the Secretariat of the Gambia Press Union in Fajara. 
“The Board is meant to advise on fund raising activities, including identifying opportunities especially those most relevant to the focus areas of the Association,” YJAG President Mr. Modou S. Joof said on Thursday. “Act as a sounding board, that is, (listening to our ideas and opinions and tell whether they think they are good or not).”
Mr. Joof said the appointment of the Board as approved by the General Membership of YJAG is based on their credibility, wisdom and their unarguable commitment to the service of humanity in their various areas of work and involvement.
The Board is also expected to providing strategic guidance and thoughtful advice to the Association; to promote and provide strategic direction for the development of the Association; to help link the Association to potential donors; and partake in the Association’s activities.
“We hope their involvement with YJAG during this period, though short, will be of immense help to the executive committee’s determination to put the Association on sound footing and ensuring continuity,” said Mr. Joof who was elected in October 2011.
He said the Association knows the Board has nothing to prove to YJAG, the Gambia or the world regarding their ability to help put YJAG where it aims to be, as their records are there to speak for themselves.
He hopes that both YJAG and the Board will work closely as “one family” towards achieving their common but fundamental goals.
Mr. Joof commended previous board members for their hard work, dedication and commitment to the course of the Association, saying: “We really appreciated their assistance and encouragement for putting the association on the right path to achieving our worthwhile goals.”
To the incoming Board, he thanked them for accepting to serve the Young Journalists Association of The Gambia. 
While noting YJAG’s tremendous contribution to the development of the media in Gambia, especially on capacity building and news reportage, he said: “Some of its members are holding key decision-making positions across media platforms in the country.”

Very important

The association is very important as it gives continuity as far as journalism in Gambia is concerned, observed Mr. Sam Sarr, a board member and managing editor of Foroyaa. 
Giving the remarks of the Board Chair on behalf of Mr. Njundu Drammeh, national coordinator Child Protection Alliance (CPA), Mr. Sarr, described YJAG as the future of journalism in the Gambia.
“Without the growth and development of young journalists in the Gambia, there will no future for journalism in the Gambia,” he said. 
He said: “The role given to us as board members is very important and at the same time very heavy and a burden on us, because we are to help the association to grow so that journalism will have a better future in the Gambia.”  
We are duty bound to give you all the support and guidance you need in order to follow the right path, he said.

Study hard

“Study hard, read hard and report right,” Mrs. Ngui Mboob-Janneh, YJAG board member and secretary of Female Lawyers Association of the Gambia, said. “Be sure of your facts before you report them; know the laws that govern your profession.” 
She noted journalism is a very important profession that every sector in society needs. As journalists you should be bold, strong and know what you want and always be prepared.
Read hard, and train extensively, do not work alone and do not rush, you should know one single work or publication can change someone’s life for either the negative or positive, she said. 
While pledging hers and her association’s support to YJAG, she advised young journalists to be responsible and be mindful of the laws that govern journalism.

Mr. Bai Emil Touray, President of GPU and YJAG board member gave his full backing to the young journalists. 
He said the Union’s doors are open to YJAG, but warns that the association, being one of the most progressive affiliates to the GPU, must remain true o its aims and objectives.
He also pledges the GPU will take full charge of printing a proposed newsletter of YJAG.   
Speaking earlier on behalf of the Union, Secretary General Mr. Gibairu Janneh, hails the composition of the new YJAG board, but warns that its executive committee should not be too complacent to the extent of becoming lazy.
The executive committee is the decision-making body of the association and does not have to sit back thinking the board will do the job for them, Secretary Janneh warns.
The event was chaired by Mr. Assan Sallah, the immediate past president of YJAG. The vote of thanks was delivered my Ms. Mariam Saine, YJAG 2nd Vice President, and was attended by media chiefs.

SOURCE: The Voice

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