Friday, July 6, 2012

Football: 20 down for Gambia in latest global ratings

Scorpions take Gambia dPown in world football ratings
Football’s world governing body, FIFA, has placed Gambia at 128th position in a July 4 global football ranking, compared to 108th in last month’s ratings – dropping 20 places down the lather.

The country is also ranked 40 in Africa, dropping 14 places from the June placing of 26th position, with overall points scored dropping from 320 to 251 points.

The poor ranking followed dismal performances by the national team, the scorpions, who drew 1-1 at home to Morocco in a 2014 world cup qualifier on June 2, but went on to lose 2-1 away to Tanzania in the same competition a week later.

The Scorpions were also humiliated and ousted in a 4-1 away defeat to Algeria during the June 15 return leg of the preliminary stages of the South Africa 2013 Nations Cup qualifiers.

Gambia did found herself fixed at one place in a May 9 global and regional football ranking.

The country was stuck at 113th place in the world and 30th place in Africa and maintaining the same score, 292 points – the same positions and points it had in April 2012.
The stuck was blamed on the poor performance or inactivity of the national team. Like a country still on its fledgling football state, the points earned in April and May this year were enough to get the whole country stuck in global and continental football.

The next monthly FIFA/Cocoa Cola football ratings will be published on August 8, 2012. 

Written by Modou S. Joof 

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