Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who Is Telling The Truth: Editor Jobe or You Nanama’s lawyer grills Editor Sallah

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Mr Assan Sallah, news editor of The Daily Observer newspaper was offered to referee which one is the truth: his side of the story or the dissimilar version of his immediate boss, Mr Alagie Jobe, the deputy editor- in- chief. And he decided in his favour, but did not make mention of his boss.’
The young editor, who doubles as the president of young journalists in The Gambia was giving testimony on Tuesday against fired co-worker, Mr Nanama Keita, who is facing false information trial at the magistrates’ court in Banjul.
The former deputy editor and head of sports desk of the pro-government newspaper is alleged to have presented false information by claiming wrongful termination of his engagement when he petitioned The Daily Observer Company to the Office of the President.
 Editor Keita however denied any wrongdoing.
“Between Jobe and yourself who is telling the truth,” his lawyer Neneh Cham-Chongan questioned Mr Sallah when he said that Nanama was present at a meeting that was prompted by a publication on Freedom, a Gambian online newspaper based in U.S,  which alleges financial malpractices by Mr Pa Malick Faye, the managing director.
“I am telling the truth,” responded Mr Sallah, who appeared as state witness no.2 and his testimony came after that of his boss,’ Mr Jobe, the prime state witness.
“I put it you that you are not telling the truth because Alagie Jobe had said that my client was never invited at the first meeting,” defense lawyer Neneh Cham charged, but Mr Sallah declined to give in.
Sallah said, he was present when a search was being conducted to find out who fed Freedom Newspaper. He denied that, Mr Keita was asked to sign in into his personal account. This, according to lawyer Cham is a distinct account with that of Alagie Jobe’s.
 “Would you be surprised that Alagie Jobe told the court that the accused had logged in and his e-mail account was searched thoroughly, but nothing was found about Freedom newspaper,” the defense lawyer enquired.
“No,” replied Mr Sallah, who went further to deny that Mr Keita former office, was opened when the Observer office complex was being refurbished.
“Your statement,” lawyer Cham put to him, “oh! Freedom oh! Sherriff Bojang’ is a complete fabrication and my client was never given the Quran to swear.” Mr Sallah however, maintained his point.
On whether or not Nanama was a deputy editor- in- chief of the company, Mr Sallah said, “Not to my knowledge.”
“Are you telling this court that your managing director was lying when he says in the attestation that the accused was the deputy editor-in-chief,” Neneh asked further and Sallah replied: “No.”
Neneh went on: “And did anybody hold that position without you knowing.” Assan replied: “No.”
The trial resumes August 31, 2011. 

Source - The Daily News

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