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Sohna Explains Espen’s Differences

June 17th, 2010 · 

Gambian international, Ebrima Sohna has refuted claims by team mate Espen Nystuen that his lack of playing time resulted to his frustration.
The former Wallidan midfielder was reported to have loose his temper in a heated argument with teammate Espen Nystuen in a Sandefjord training session, leaving the Coach, Patrick Walker to send him away.
But the player said he is neither frustrated nor angry with the Coaches in Sandefjord but demands that fellow players talk to him in a proper manner. Nonetheless, he admitted making a mistake during training.
“It’s not what Espen Nystuen suggested, that I am frustrated by the lack of playing time. Why should I be? I’ve played almost every minute in the whole year, with the exception of the last two games. In which I came from the bench on both occasions and played 45 minutes in each games,” Sohna was quoted as saying by Gambiasports.

He added: “For a player to be in and out of the team is normal. You must just learn to cope. The Coach decides, and if you are out of the team, you work hard to regain your position.”
The Gambian versatile player said Espen Nystuen’s reaction to him after he made a mistake was the only reason which made him to boil in the head, rejecting claims that he refused to train.
“He swore at me and called me names. I told him to talk properly to me, but it did not happen. So I was also angry. We were to start a new exercise, and when Nebojsa Novakovic asked me to get started. I asked for some time to calm down, but they misunderstood. I never said that I would not do as they said,” Gambiasports added.
The former Gambian U17 player explained that he realised that something was wrong with him in the dressing room, but believes that the incident would not repeat again. He said: “I did not do everything right, but it’s not because I was frustrated with my own situation. It was about anger over what Nystuen said. So I went straight up in the gym to continue training and prepare myself for the next games.”
There were no reports gathered as to whether Sandefjord will take disciplinary measures against the player but Sohna has since said he talked with Coach Patrick Walker and regretted what happened and has since apologized to him, but added that he has also told the coach his own version of the incident.
“I have apologized for what happened, and the case is finished. I have never been in conflict with anyone during my four years in SF and have no problems with Nystuen,” Sohna argued.

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