Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paradise FM Sport Head expresses disappointment

The head of sports at Paradise FM, Alasan Mballow has expressed disappointment over West Coast Radio’s alleged fielding in of players who are not employed at the radio station.
West Coast defeated Paradise FM by 2-0 in the opening of the ‘Fatou Mbye Memorial Football Tourney’ on Saturday, but Paradise has since raised concerns over the fielding of ineligible players by their opponents.
“Thank you very much for your effort in strengthening greater relationship in media houses. First of all, I would like to express my disappointment, am very much disappointed because the purpose of the tournament is simply ignored and not adhered to. The tournament is simply to remember a fallen colleague in a very special way and in some style. This is not done by registering players who don't simply know the reason,” Mballow said in reaction to a press release issued by the secretary of the organising committee, Lamin Drammeh.

OC admit ineligible players
“After thoroughly looking into the complaints lodged by some team’s with regard to the introduction of some ineligible players in the ongoing late Fatou Mbye memorial football tournament, the organizing committee of the afore mentioned tournament have decided not to consider any appeal that could lead to the disruption of the competition in the interest of the tournament,” a statement from the organising committee said.
However, Mballow said “the honest truth is, you as an executive haven't made any investigations or inquiries. Even if you did, you must have realised that in our own case West Coast Radio used ineligible players. Before the game started, I called Sainabou and Modou S. Jallow and they assured me that after the game an appeal would be considered.”
The organising committee added that further investigation has also indicated that all the participating teams are victims of fielding in players who are not part of their institutions or media houses for the reason been that most of them cannot produce the required team needed for the tournament

Bottom line
Nonetheless, Mballow stressed that the bottom line is that “your decision is not base on facts. There is no truth in it. Football is a beautiful game and it can change a lot in a man's life so when you as executives of a memorial tournament are not in order, I think the tourney should be stopped. Fatou BK Mbye is dear to all of us and she would always love to see transparency in her Tournament.”
”We would like to seize this opportunity once again to remind the participating teams that the ultimate objective of organizing the tournament is to remember our dear colleague, sister and friend Fatou B.K Mbye who passed away last November. The tournament is also organized to promote peace and unity among media houses,” the organising committee said.
“I have nothing against you (The Executives) and I have always believed and trusted in you. Still, you have my support even in times where I am let down by you,” Mballow said.

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