Monday, January 27, 2014

MC Baatiz releases ‘set-setal’ video

MC Baatiz told TNBES on Tuesday that "it is important to get this public awareness-raising audio and video on the FM stations and the TV" (Photo: MC Baatiz/Facebook)

Gambian rapper MC Baatiz has released a video for his single ‘set-setal’ two week ago. The video which contains a song about environmental sanitation has been featured twice on State TV (GRTS). 
The audio version was released on 20 May, 2011 featuring Brikama-based singer ST (Street Thug). The single is intended to address rampant malaria in the country and also wade off the possible breakout of communicable diseases like cholera; hence it calls for a clean environment.

MC Baatiz told TNBES on Tuesday that it is important to get this public awareness-raising audio and video on the FM stations and the TV.

“The video will add to my visibility because it is not just enough to have my music on radio,” he said of the clip produced by Efi Omo Igori of Supagrafix

He said the song Set-setal (environmental cleansing) is meant to strengthen the Government’s call on citizens and residents of The Gambia to embark on monthly cleansing exercises which was set in motion by the president. 

“We need a healthy environment for a healthy population, a healthy economy and a healthy country,” MC Baatiz told music news and features writer Modou S. Joof on January 14, 2014.  

“I try my best to sing about issues affecting the lives of my people. Everybody says good health is wealth and that is true,” he added.  

The Latrikunda German-based singer said he is now working on more new songs and plans to ensure each audio released is accompanied by a video. “I think this will increase my presence in the media, publicity helps a lot,” he said.

However, MC Baatiz, who so far single-handedly financed his music production, says money remains one of his biggest challenges. He said: “Music goes with money, without it, nothing works.” 

Currently without a manager, he said he is open to discussion about it. 

According to him, his songs set-setal and so defeh nyu wah (about bickering) will soon be available online on SoundCloud and YouTube.  

To his fans, he said “they should just keep the faith as I look forward to a glittering music career.”  

“Dema geum neh hecha bu dagul fog mu yegci (I believe when pulling, for instance a rope, if it does not cut then it must arrive). “Mung ci yoon d’terr-ci (is on the way to dock),” he said in Wolof, a native language spoken in the Senegambia region.

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Written by Modou S. Joof


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