Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daily Observer Editor, Assan Sallah, is missing

Assan Sallah, Daily Observer news editor and former YJAG President reportedly fled to Senegal last Wednesday (Photo credit: TNBES)

The Voice newspaper understands that Assan Sallah, a News Editor at the Daily Observer newspaper, is missing since June 26, 2013.

Sallah’s colleagues at the pro-government daily say his whereabouts are unknown. A source at the paper told The Voice on Monday that Sallah, who last reported for work last Wednesday, is believed to have fled to neighbouring Senegal.

Details about his whereabouts are sketchy, and The Voice could not however independently verify reports that the News Editor has “fled the country or is under arrest”.

His co-residents at Jeshwang could not give exact details on his ordeal. But unconfirmed reports stated Sallah was aware of his “imminent sacking” by the Daily Observer Company, the publishers of the newspaper of the same name.

On 11 February, Sallah was arrested, grilled and detained overnight by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in connection to Alagie Jobe’s case.

Jobe, a Deputy Editor at the Observer, was arrested and detained on 8 February on allegations of “asylum fraud”. - The Voice

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