Sunday, June 9, 2013

ICFJ-Gambia Project Closes

ICFJ Country Director Alieu F. Sagnia announced closing of project in The Gambia (Photo Credit: M.S.Joof/TNBES/June 2013)
The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) Gambia project has officially close down, the Country Director Alieu F. Sagnia declared on Saturday.

The ICFJ Gambia Project trained scores of Gambian journalists and media managers on election reporting, investigative reporting, media laws, media management and online security between 2010 and 2013.

On June 8, Sagnia said the project which was supported by the US State Department through the America-based ICFJ, came to a close in May.

ICFJ-Gambia, Gambia Press Union (GPU) and the Foundation for Legal Aid, Research and Empowerment (FLARE) were the implementing partners of the project which was initially meant to last 20 months, but got extended twice.


GPU President Bai Emil Touray calls the closure of the project “unfortunate”.   

L-R: ICFJ Gambia  Director Alieu Famara Sagnia, GPU Presidident Bai Emil Touray, and Coordinator of FLARE Madi Jobarteh (Photo Credit MSJoof TNBES June 2013)
“It is unfortunate that this project is coming to an end,” he said at the GPU Secretariat at Fajara where the closing was held. “A lot of journalists were trained on various issues including mobile reporting.”

Now, he suggested that the GPU, FLARE, and other media organisations work towards soliciting for more support to train Gambian journalists.

Madi Jobarteh, Coordinator of FLARE, said his foundation will continue to seek partnership with other organisations to see how best they can support Gambians.

Based in Washington District of Colombia, the ICFJ offers journalists and media managers’ worldwide practical hands-on programmes that marry best professional practices with the latest digital innovations.

“For nearly three decades, we have developed teams of seasoned experts with high in-depth knowledge of all forms of media,” the organisation claims.

Written by Modou S. Joof
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