Monday, June 24, 2013

Gambian dissident, Kukoi Samba Sanyang, dies at 61

Bamako, Mali
Kukoi Samba Sanyang died in Bamako, Mali on Tuesday. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
Online media reports says Gambian dissident Kukoi Samba Sanyang has died on Tuesday in Bamako, Malian capital at the age of 61.

Kukoi, who was expelled by Macky Sall’s Government in April, was briefly admitted at a hospital in Mali before he was pronounced death, according to media reports.

Reports also said Kukoi’s health deteriorated since his deportation from the West African nation of Senegal, which borders Gambia on the north, south and east.

“He didn’t have the medical attention in Mali that he needed,” ASN quoted a source who “accuse the Senegalese President of being indirectly responsible” as saying.

English: Macky Sall Fran├žais : Macky Sall
Macky Sall has been criticised by rights defenders who strongly condemned Kukoi’s expulsion.
Kukoi Samba Sanyang, who led a rebellion in The Gambia in 1981 at the age of 29, had protested against his arrested and deportation to the troubled West African country of Mali two months ago by the Senegal Government. 

Sall’s Government came under heavy criticism from human rights defenders who condemned Kukoi’s expulsion.

From Bamako, Kukoi told Zik FM in Dakar that he was only in Senegal to seek medical attention, according to online reports.

“I told them I was in the Netherlands, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali and then Senegal respectively where I have been residing for 9 months seeking medical attention,” Kukoi was quoted to have said in April.

Kukoi’s remains will be flown to Senegal for burial, according to reports.

Written by Modou S. Joof
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