Saturday, April 6, 2013

UTG student associations announces Gambia tour to end poverty

Two student associations of the University of The Gambia, UTG, this week announced plans to embark on an awareness tour that seeks to end poverty.

UTG’s Social Sciences and Humanities Students’ Association, SoSHSA, and the Science Students’ Association, SSA, said the nationwide tour begins May 27 this year on the topic “Education to end poverty”.

It is aimed at creating awareness among students, particularly those in Upper River and North Bank regions through teaching, sensitization, and community services. 

The chairperson of the tour-organizing committee Omar Jallow said the travel around the country is meant “to help broaden the intellectual scope” of UTG students on fundamental issues relevant to the alleviation of poverty in our communities”.

“The importance of University education is to serve as a driving force towards poverty reduction,” he argues.

Mr Jallow noted that some of the students at the UTG are being sponsored from the tax payers’ money, and hence, they need to plough back the benefits to the communities.

D168, 435.00, is needed to finance the tour, part of it will be met through contribution by students, The North Bank Evening Standard gathers.

Jallow is now calling on the public, government and the private sector to finance up to a three-quarter of the budget as students work towards meeting the remaining quarter.

UTG-SSA president Buba Tamba noted his association is constitutionally mandated to tour The Gambia annually to sensitize and interact with students from senior secondary schools on the significance of university education, particularly in the fields of science.

“Students in senior secondary schools lack sufficient information about university education, it is therefore imperative for us to enlighten them on issues relating to UTG and University education in general,” he said.

A similar tour conducted last year was supported by the President Jammeh’s office, Gambia Civil Aviation Authority, Gambia International Airlines, Gambia Armed Forces, Jah Oil Company, Nusrat Senior Secondary School and the UTG. 

Written by Modou S. Joof

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