Monday, April 1, 2013

GFA to adopt constitution on April 13

Previously, The Gambia’s FA was unsure of date to correct ‘erroneous constitution’ (Photo: O.B. Conateh)

The Gambia Football Association (GFA) has scheduled another adoptive congress of the new constitution on 13 April, 2013 at the Friendship hostel, Bakau.

The decision was reached last week during a meeting of the Normalisation Committee, says FA media officer Bakary B. Baldeh.

The FA presided over a largely “flawed constitutional-adoptive-congress” on Dec. 12, 2013, which has since been rejected by football’s world governing body, FIFA.

FIFA called that congress “biased” and “unrealistic” and demand that the GFA interpret its statutes and ensure that only clubs that had played regular football under the GFA competitions can participate in a GFA General Assembly.

The Zurich-based FIFA also ask the GFA to hold another congress and ensure the so-called international standard draft constitution is re-examined and adopted. 

During a February21, 2013 press confab FA vice chairperson Alhagie O.B. Conateh said the constitution will be rectified as soon as possible to avoid too much delay of the upcoming March 30, 2013 GFA congress.

That congress never holds. The probability is that it may hold at the end of June, The North Bank Evening Standard is told.

In March this year, FIFA push farther the mandate of the normalisation committee until June 30, 2013. 

It is not clear why the committee which already served two six months mandate and said it “want to rest” agreed to serve a few more months.

Earlier this year, Conateh told local journalists that FIFA is willing to extend, for third time, the mandate of Gambia’s Football Association normalisation committee. 

We rejected it, he said.

“FIFA requested for the extension of our mandate in the helm of the normalisation process, but we rejected the request,” Conateh said.  

“We promise them of accomplishing our duty sooner rather than later so that we can hand over everything to a newly-elected GFA body. We want to rest,” he added.   

Written by Modou S. Joof

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