Sunday, April 7, 2013

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: More Gambians determined to travel to Europe in perilous journeys

Fishmarket in Bakau
Fishmarket in Bakau (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – Majority of Gambian youth involve in small-scale business (fisheries, used-clothing) usually gather money to travel to Europe through the ‘Back Way’

For Bakary Sanyang, 27, a city driver in Banjul, a salary of D5000 per month can’t keep him in The Gambia. “I will go to Europe because in The Gambia everything thing is expensive. It is difficult for a family man to survive,” he said.

He argued: “There are no jobs in The Gambia so we have nothing to do here, we must go the ‘back way’. The jobs available to us cannot even earn us a decent living condition.”

The ‘back way’, is the name Gambians have chosen for would be illegal immigrants who travel to Europe or America through deserts and high seas, journeys, considered perilous – for the simple reason that many lives have been lost in an attempt to reach the west in search of greener pastures.

The government should have a greater focus on the youth and address unemployment, says Sanyang, adding: “Honestly, I will go the ‘back way’ if I have the chance and the money”.

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