Monday, February 18, 2013

Gambia’s public-private sectors can increase economic growth: Taal

Almami Taal, GCCI CEO look to a stronger public-private sectors partnership
A well-planned Prospects and Opportunities of Public-Private Partnership in The Gambia (PPP) can sustain the economic growth of the country, says Almami Fanding Taal

The chief executive officer of Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, GCCI, says such a partnership will also benefit all sectors of the economy, and can increase access to markets and job creation when strengthened.

Mr Taal was speaking at a day-long forum on the PPP in The Gambia organised by the GCCI held at the Coco Ocean Resort and Spa Hotel in Bijilo.

The forum cantered on discussing ways and means to strengthen the partnership between the public and private sectors.

PPP has the advantage for government in the areas of resource mobilisation, access to expert skills, increased efficiency, and would also ease the burden on public budgets, and improve delivery of services, Taal said.

Stronger partnership

But he said there is a need to have a framework that will serve as a guide or a reference document for the PPP.

He said: “Of course having the framework in place would start the process where serious business leaders will consider services that are well suited for the public.”

At the forum, the country’s private sector operators strongly noted that “the only way to maintain and further strengthen the economic development of the country is to make stronger the partnership between the public and the private sectors.”

Deputy permanent secretary Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Mod K. Ceesay, admitted that the government cannot do it alone.

He said the PPP can help in the attainment of the Programme for Accelerate Growth and Employment (PAGE), Gambia Government’s development blueprint, 2010-2015.

“It is very important that the partnership between the public and the private sectors should be strengthened,” GCCI President Muhammad M. Jagana reiterated.

Written by Modou S. Joof

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