Monday, February 11, 2013

The Birth of Biodiversity Action Journalists, BAJ Gambia

The Network of Biodiversity of Action Journalists (BAJ), an environmental and natural resources youth-led organization, will today 11 February commence a two-day programme to officially launch its Gambia Chapter at the Association of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) conference hall in Kanifing.

The first day of the event, the official launching, will be graced by dignitaries from the Ministry of Energy, Department of Water Resources, Fisheries Department, the UNDP, FAO, the World Wildlife Fund, National Environment Agency, National Assembly Members and other sectors of society.  
On the second day of the event there will be a capacity building programme for its members.

The objectives of the programme include raising public awareness on the environmental threats to encourage local community participation in protection and conservation of the country’s biological and natural resources for prosperity.

“BAJ has implemented and taken part in many activities and other environmentally-related programmes since its inception to date at both national and international level,” says the BAJ National Coordinator, Abdou Rahman Sallah says.

The environmental and natural resources reporters in the country, he explained, have seen the need to come together to form a common front in a bid to increase public awareness on environment and related issues.
Formed in December 2010 with technical assistance from the Department of Parks and Wildlife 

Management, BAJ-Gambia is an environmental and natural resources youth-led organization registered as a charitable organization with the Attorney General’s Chamber.

BAJ consists of journalists from the print and electronic media, as well as online journalists including bloggers.   Youth activists are also part of the association.

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