Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sidia Jatta threatens to sue government institutions

The opposition national assembly member for Wuli West on Tuesday February 24 issued a warning to government institution guilty of violating laws passed by an Act of Parliament due to Executive Directives that they will face the law.
Hon Jatta’s warning came at a time when the Gambia Public Printing Cooperation (GPPC) was due for scrutiny by the Public Accounts and Public Enterprise Committees (PAC/PEC) of the National Assembly in Banjul.

GPPC’s report indicated that it is now managing the National Printing Stationary Cooperation (NPSC) and Hon Jatta said these are institution established by an Act of Parliament and it is incumbent that before any decision or order is been undertaken to join the two bodies, it should be brought before the National Assembly.
He warned that he will sue any institution that breaks the law next time. “Executive decision or directives cannot suppress laws made by parliament and cannot bypass laws made by an Act of Parliament,” he said.
“Laws made by an act of parliament are superior and supreme to any executive directive or decision.”
 I can sue you for breaking the laws made by parliament, he told members of the GPPC. This, he said is a parental problem of all institutions. it is becoming monotonous  for  government institution to appear before the National Assembly and said they have taken up responsibilities or discharge their responsibilities due to executive directives. “This most stop or otherwise I will start suing institution for breaking the law,” he concluded. Source: The Voice

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