Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gambia Government: D40 million spent on evacuees

The Government of The Gambia has announced that it spent 40 millions dalasi to evacuate Gambians and non-Gambians who were trapped in conflict stricken Libya.
The move followed several days of fighting between Gaddafi’s forces in rebel held territories after initial protests for the leader of the Great Socialists’ Arab Jamahiriya to step down. In the event that European, American and African were busy evacuating their nationals, Gambia government also joined to rescue 1010 people, among them non-Gambians.  
Initial reports of repatriation of 150 people were unveiled by the Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service Dr. Njogu Bah in an interview with State Media (GRTS) upon receiving the first batch of evacuees from Tripoli, on March 11. 
The move, according to him, is an indication of the love President Jammeh have for Gambians and Africans. He also noted that it took six trips to evacuate the lot.
He gave credit to the task force instituted by the government together with the Gambian Liaison Officer in Tripoli. Other nationalities that have benefited from the cause include Senegalese, Guineans, Bissau Guineans, and Malians.

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