Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Press release: Countdown to the GNOC Presidential Election

A M Dibba
The countdown to the first credible GNOC presidential election is slated for 12th February 2011. I am confident that the eligible voters have already made their choice of candidate in the interest of sports development within The Gambia Olympic movement. The majority of sporting associations and individual sport personalities want to see a positive change after 21 years in the doldrums. 

My sport development agenda as a genuine contender since the inception of the election campaign has been;
To focus my attention on the sporting associations, in particular for the athletes to develop and excel in their various sporting disciplines;
To ensure that GNOC takes full responsibility to regularize the associations annual contribution to their respective international federations, to enable them have a platform in meetings, conferences, seminars etc in these international bodies;
To create a development fund as a matter of priority with a view to erecting a Multi-purpose sports facility to cater for the smaller associations in the development process;
To establish various commissions and committees to address the various issues of concern of the associations with a view of finding appropriate solutions;
To make the primary and secondary school sports a special target because they are the breeding ground for national athletes and deserve to be given the due attention they deserve;
To bring all associations associated to the GNOC under one roof and create the conducive sporting environment for all and give recognition to their achievement thereby encouraging them to develop;
To foster co-operation with international sporting bodies and to mobilise resources to enhance the accelerated sports development we all envisage in our dear country, The Gambia; and To continuously maintain and strengthen the harmonious relationship with the Government of The Gambia, in particular the Ministry of Youth and Sports to develop sports at all levels.
Under my leadership as a genuine aspiring candidate for the presidency I will build up a team that will live up to expectation. A team that will ensure your accomplishments extent the leverage for you to excel in sports, and bring glory to our dear motherland.
With your support on Election Day 12th February 2011, I shall put in motion my sports development agenda uninterrupted and unhindered to your own benefit. I shall develop and protect the Olympic movement in The Gambia in accordance with the Olympic Charter, the GNOC Constitution and the National Sports Council Act.
As an aspiring candidate for president, I need your vote in this crucial election for change and to make things happen. In all our considerations and human endeavor, let us put our country – The Gambia first. God bless The Gambia.       
Issued by Alhagie Momodou Dibba, GNOC Presidential Nominee on Tuesday 8th February 2011.

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