Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gamtel Goes 3G, Launches Wireless Broadband

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Gambia’s premier Telecommunication Company, Gamtel has introduced a 3G (third generation) wireless broadband into the telecommunication market on January 26, 2011 during a ceremony at the Gamtel House in Banjul.

The initiative involved three products (3G EXPRESS, 3G NAAFA and 3G BANTABA), which are all geared towards making internet connection accessible and affordable to the people.

The 3G EXPRESS is a portable USB dongle that adds WIFI functionality to your computer, providing wireless internet connection with high speed. According to Gamtel, it can be connected to any laptop or desktop computer that has a USB port.

It is also made up of a high rate of packet data services support a wireless downloading of up to 3.1 megabits; portable, help to improve user ‘s experience; secured and does not require a Sim Card.

The 3G NAAFA, also a wireless modem, allows computers to connect to a wireless local area network (WLAN); its is ideal for home and small scale businesses that require broadband speed on a daily basis; can be used on your computer, with or without electricity.

The 3G BANTABA, a wireless router, works with 3G EXPRESS dongle to create a wireless network connection for group users; it is also suitable for small and medium scale businesses or for sharing the internet at home since it allows for multiple-users connection (10 computers at a time); it has since been recommended to be ideal for internet cafes, conference centres, and even for offices that are close to each other.

“Giant strides have been made in the recent past, and the new service (3G) is a reincarnation of the services in the telecommunications sector,” the Managing Director of Gamtel Jamal Miknas said.

Mr. Miknas reiterated that the 3G products are affordable, accessible and can contribute to the socio-economic development of The Gambia, designed to achieve government’s blue print of Vision 2020.

Speaking at the lunch, the Minister of Communication Information and Information Technology Hon Alagie Cham, on behalf of Vice President Dr. Isatou Njie-Saidy, said 3G services are aimed at eliminating the problem of limited choices for consumers.

Having mentioned the various services provided by Gamtel over the years, he added that the Company went further to develop a web portal (www.myweb.gamtel.gm), where customers can check their credit balance, validity and query their account history.

Telecommunication, he said contributes to economic growth of society as well as national development.

When he took his turn, but on behalf of the Minister of Information, Hon Yusupha Kah - the Minister of Trade said the initiative is meant to meet the demands of increasing global demands in telecommunication services.

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