Sunday, February 13, 2011

Frattini personally monitoring the situation of Italian journalists in Cairo

“I am personally monitoring the situation of Italian journalists in Egypt, who are dutifully performing the task of keeping the Italian public informed on what’s happening”.
This was Minister for Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini’s statement, on February 4, underscoring that “through its Crisis Unit and Embassy in Cairo, the Ministry is maintaining contact with the members of the press present in the Egyptian capital”.

“The Embassy”, Frattini continued, “is being continuously updated on the presence and movement of Italian journalists in Egypt, and has received my instructions to intervene immediately on their behalf in any case of risk to their safety or freedom of movement”.
“The right to report the news must be exercised without danger of any sort, either to physical safety or to freedom of circulation”, Frattini stressed, “and as a result the Egyptian authorities have been informed that members of the Italian press working in Cairo must be protected and, at the same time, allowed to work without undue constraints”.
“Therefore”, the minister concluded, “we will continue to give our maximum attention to the situation of our correspondents in Cairo and to see to it that they are able to follow events within the necessary security framework”. Source: APO

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