Monday, September 22, 2014

Kaba Bajo Is GFF President

After his defead, Buba Bojang warned there are differences among football stakeholders in The Gambia (Photo Credit: Total Football)

Former Minister of Youth and Sports, Lamin Kaba Bajo, has been elected president of Gambia Football Federation Saturday.
His election follows a tightly contested vote, winning his opponent Buba Bojang with a margin of five votes as delegates voted 28 to 23 on 20th September, 2014 at a local hotel in Kololi. 

Abdoulie ‘star’ Jallow, Ebou Faye and Martins Gomez were also elected as first, second and third vice president unopposed, while Alhagie Faye and Adama Low join in as co-opted members, and Sainabou Cham and Mam Lisa Camara as nominated members.

A third contestant, Omar Danso, withdraw his candidacy at the polls but his withdrawal was rejected by Normalisation Committee which presided over the congress because “his withdrawal was rather too late.” Danso therefore get zero votes.

 Fifty-one votes were casted in Saturday’s election which ended a three-month normalisation of Gambian football.  

Bajo and his colleagues will take over the management of Gambian football for the next four years.

The previous GFF executive led by Mustapha Kebbeh was dissolved early this year after presiding over the country’s expulsion from the African U-20 championship and a subsequent two-year ban in all competitions for using overage players and a player with different dates of birth.  

Shortly after his election, Bajo said his opponents “have shown real character from the start to date and [I] am very happy for everything that they have done, hard luck - from here we forge ahead and work for the good of the game.” 

He said he would begin his term of office with a push for dialogue to bring all football stake holders together.
“I tasked myself first… to build unity among all football stakeholders because without togetherness it will be very difficult for me and my team to achieve our goals,” he said.

Bajo said women football will be given the opportunities it needs to ensure its development. He also said infrastructural development will be one of his team’s main priorities. He announced that the Yundum Technical Training Centre will be rehabilitated to better serve its purpose.    

Buba Bojang accepted defeat but warns Bajo “not to let the Gambian people down.” He said: “It will be highly welcome if he can fulfill the promises he made, because the state in which Gambian football is at the moment needs immediate intervention, if not [I] am sorry.”

Bojang warned that there are differences among football stakeholders in The Gambia. 

Source: The Voice

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