Monday, September 15, 2014

Belgium-based Gambian singer to tour West African country in charity

Heart Wash will arrive in Banjul on Monday September 15 (Photo Credit:  Thomas De Beule/Facebook)
A Gambian musician who is based in Belgium is to hold a musical tour of the country of which proceeds will be put into charity, event organisers Little Zion, announced.
The singer, who goes by the name Heart Wash, will arrive in Banjul on Monday September 15. He will use the tour to promote his third album ‘Tesitoo’ (Ready to Work), says Little Zion event manager Thomas De Beule.

Photo Credit: (Thomas De Beule/Facebook)
"Proceeds from the tour will be used to support youths to complete their education, organise workshops that will empower young people in the West African country of The Gambia," De Beule tells TNBES Official.

The tour starts at Lama Lama in Bakau on 17 September, De Beule explains, Serekunda East on 19 September together with Bro K, King Mozai and Nova. 

On 20th Heart Wash will be at Joko in Brikama alongside Benjamin, Bro K and Nova, on the 21st at Waw Night Club with DJ GFaal, 26th at Batokunku, 27th at Salaba Dragon with DJ Melo from Gunjur, and 28th September at Blue Parrot in Senegambia with DJ Cyristal.

Little Zion says the tour is backed by DJ Fire Man and the Fire House Crew, with tickets pegged at reasonable price in all venues. 

Originally from Lamin, Kombo North district, the singer, Heart Wash is known for his unique but rather familiar singing style of blending Mandinka and English and his playing of the Djembe, a traditional musical instrument associated with the Wolof ethnic group. 

Written by Modou S. Joof

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