Friday, September 14, 2012


Activist Imam Baba Leigh
The Imam of Kanifing East Mosque, Baba Leigh, has denounced the recent executions carried out by The Gambia Government characterizing them as "Un Islamic".
 Reacting to the declaration of support by the supreme Islamic council for the executions, the strident imam contended: “The supreme Islamic Council should have gone further than just declaring their support for the executions.  Islam does not want to take the lives of believers just like that.
They should not say that if you kill you should be killed because it goes beyond that. Suratul Baqara verses 177-178 lay dawn options that could be explored to settle the matter in the form of a fine, compensation or forgiveness by the family of the deceased. 

If the amount of compensation is beyond the means of the killer, the Muslim community is Coolidge to raise funds to help. Therefore, execution should be the last resort or option if someone kills another. Suratul Maida verses 44-45 also say that this Mosaic law inherited by both Jesus and Muhammad.
In Islam, the execution should be transparent process where the families of the condemned are involved. So in The Gambia, Where are the bodies of those killed? Their bodies should be returned to their families which has not happened.

I submit that in light of the foregoing that the executions carried out in The Gambia do not constitute an Islamic act and should not be defended by Islam. Why don't they cut the hands of those who steal? Why don't they punish those found guilty of adultery of fornication?

I want us to know that The Gambia is in a very serious situation which goes beyond politics and personal sentiments. It’s needful for Gambians of wisdom, faith and honesty to come together without political and religious sentiments and egoism to devise a solution. 
The Gambia is in a serious situation politically, socially and economically which need to be addressed with commitment to peace and security and prayers." He added: There is a growing trend in this country that if you are not sycophantic and in support of the government you are not patriotic. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. We have to tell the truth when we see that our brother is wrong to help him as enjoined by the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). 
If sanctions are imposed on this country, the last people to suffer will be those in power. "However, we have to know that the Gambia belongs to all of us no matter where we are. 
If there is instability in this country the people who invested so much in raising their families and creating wealth will not be spared. 
We have seen that people who were yard owners in Libya, Mali, Syria and Egypt were reduced to staying in tents in camps without toilets. We should know that people come and go but countries and institutions stay. We should know that nothing lasts forever on this earth. Where is the former Imam of Serrekunda twenty years ago?" Source: Facebook

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