Friday, September 7, 2012

GMC supports calls for Jammeh’s resignation

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A Gambian opposition party has called on President Yahya Jammeh to resign and allow a transitional authority to organise free and fair elections to restore what it called “the sanctity of derivative authority.”

The Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) said in an August 5 statement: “The mood of the nation and the ‘tumultuous silence’ of the majority are consistent with such a call.” “The unprecedented traffic on electronic social media by hundreds of thousands of Gambian youth reflects the general conviction of Gambian youth offline, also consistent with this call,” it added.

In the media dispatch titled “MC supports the demands of Gambian youths” the party’s leader Mai Ahmed Fatty said their stance is meant to throw weight on calls by Gambian youths for Jammeh to go.
This latest development followed the Gambia Government’s execution of nine death row inmates by firing squad a fortnight ago. The killings were officially confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior. 

“The unanimity of their demands is very instructive as well as provokingly inspiring,” said lawyer Fatty. “GMC supports their ardent desire and hopes, and joins them as well seek to empower them both online and offline. We share their hopes and aspirations.” 

The GMC claims it believes in the supremacy of the constitutional purport. It also believes the “International Day of Outrage” by Gambians around the world satisfies the said purport. 

It added: “We support and endorse the demands made by Gambian youths as contained in petitions presented by them to governments and international organisations around the world from the 4th September 2012 onwards.”

It urges the international community to take urgent, decisive action on their petitions as presented.
The GMC also renewed its call for the imposition of targeted sanctions against specific individuals and institutions such as the security and the judiciary. 

“We believe that the security and the judiciary sectors act as formidable obstructions to the enjoyment of democratic dividends,” said Mai Fatty. “Having abrogated the Social Contract, I call on President Jammeh to use the limited opportunity now and do the right thing by our people. Time is of the essence.”


This week, Gambia’s vice president and minister f women’s affairs, Dr. Isatou Nije-Saidy strongly condemned what she called the “politicisation” of the recent execution of nine death row prisoners, by certain people within and outside the country.

“I want to call on Gambians to have good intention for the country because those calling for sanctions against the country even though they are far but they have relatives here,” the VP said. “Let’s pray for the peace and security of the country at all times. What has happened is the dictates of the supreme laws of the land.”  

Mai Fatty, GMC leader/Photo: Facebook
Written by Modou S. Joof


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