Monday, July 3, 2017

GYIN Gambia, Managers’ Prescription Consultancy Sign MoU to Mentor Rural Youth

Amb. Njie (L) and Mr. Sonko
Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN Gambia) and Managers’ Prescription Consultancy Firm on 3rd July, 2017 signed two official documents to support youth development.

The documents are a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and a Contractual Agreement that seeks to support youth in the area of entrepreneurship through a three months mentorship programme.

Under the MoU and the Contractual Agreement, both institutions committed themselves in supporting rural developments through a mentorship programme that will promote entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Twenty-five rural youth will undergo the three month mentorship programme of which fifteen males and ten females have already been selected for the programme which will commence in the first week of August, 2017..

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Executive Director of GYIN Gambia, Ambassador Mamadou Edrisa Njie, said that there is great need to support youth especially those in the rural areas in the areas of entrepreneurship mentorship.

“My office is aware of the lack of mentorship that many rural youth lacks, therefore, we’re piloting this programme to fill the gap and we hope that the programme will become a bigger one,” he said.

Njie said the mentorship programme is to create and support an enabling environment under which young people in the country can act on their own behalf and on their own terms,  and to facilitate exchange of experiences, learning and networking for young entrepreneurs. .

As part of the signing, the two institutions entered into an official agreement to promote and support rural under-served youths in the area of agriculture and small scale agribusiness thus learn and share entrepreneurial experiences, best practices between and among young entrepreneurs for the benefit of young people

“Our this pilot programme on mentorship, will also facilitate a social youth platform that would  develop the leadership potential of Gambian youth and prepare them to take charge of their leadership roles and responsibilities in national development,” Njie said.

On behalf of Managers’ Prescription Consultancy Firm, Managing Partner, Mr. Ousman Sonko, thanked GYIN Gambia for confidence bestowed on him and his team for entrusting them with the implementation of this partnership on youth mentorship.

Mr. Sonko indicated that they will not only work towards a successful implementation of this pilot phase but will further support GYIN Gambia in their future endeavours in contributing to fulfillment of the wishes and aspirations of Gambian youth.

He said their passion for youth empowerment is a catalyst for sustainable national human development. "Youth issues are cross cutting and hence, is the business of everybody and should not be viewed as a sectoral matter," he said.

The MoU and the Contractual Agreement was signed by GYIN Gambia’s Executive Director, Ambassador Mamadou Edrisa Njie. The Managing Partner of Managers’ Prescription, Mr. Ousman Sonko signed on behalf of his office.

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