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BRAZIL 2014: TNBES announce coverage of African World Cup games

Press Release

Photo credit: MS Joof/TNBES/Nov2011

The North Bank Evening Standard (TNBES) has announced Tuesday it will bring its audience special coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup with specific focus on Africa’s five representatives: Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

The blog ‘Telling the stories of Africa to over 1 billion Africans’ stated it is committed to bringing home in a unique style the actions involving African teams in Brazil in a form of summary-reports and photos.

TNBES editor and publisher, Modou S. Joof, explains: “We will not bore you with who has taken a throw-in or goal-kick or those long, boring reads of minute by minute match reports.

“This is simply going to be summarized reports telling exactly what you need to know: the winner, the goals and goal scorers, red cards, controversies if there is and who is kicked out of the finals.

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“So you will not be getting from us things that are only nice to know – like throw-in, corner-kicks, fouls, obstructions, etc except their occurrences led to a turning point in a particular game.

“Our World Cup coverage will strictly be based on TNBES’s modified journalistic term ‘KISS’ [U]’ – so we will ‘Keep It Short and Simple’ and [Understandable]’ in about 200 words at most.

“Followers can also get involved in our interactive comment section on the blog and via our pages on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter in relation to the World Cup and the performance of African teams. Human rights defenders can also join in."

The blog’s summary-coverage of the World Cup began in 2010, when South Africa played host to the first competition on African soil. The World Cup is soccer’s biggest competition organised every four year by football’s world governing body, FIFA.

BRAZIL’S OWN GOAL: Not all about fun

Surely, it will not be all about football fun in Rio and other cities where the games are played. The build-up to the FIFA World Cup has been marred by heavy-handed crackdown on anti-government demonstrators by the Brazilian police.

Photo Credit: Total Football
Since the Confederations Cup, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians have been protesting against government corruption, unaccountable decision-making and the exorbitant expenditure to host the games – at the expense of citizens who are faced with lack of jobs and access to better public services.

TNBES will also keep an eye on these human rights violations especially at the back of a research published in Brazil’s Own Goal “showing that the state’s response to demonstrations has been one of increasing repression and violence, more suited to Brazil’s years of military dictatorship.”

Mr Joof said: “It is sad to know, as the world’s eyes would be fixed on Brazil for a month, that it’s government which fails to address the concerns of its own people, is spending about 1.9billion reals (£494million) on so-called security equipment like tanks with water cannons, pepper spray and surveillance drones, for the games – primarily to suppress all forms of protests even if they are peaceful.”

The Gambian journalist and blogger added: “It is important for the authorities to respect the rights of their people by not subjecting them to arbitrary arrests, detentions, beatings and bringing trumped-up charges against them during peaceful protests.”

The June 10 statement indicated that this special coverage is sponsored by TNBES and TNBES OFFICIAL Pages on Twitter, Facebook and Google+


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