Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Newspaper employee detained for 'insulting' President Jammeh

English: Serrekunda, street scenes
English: Serrekunda, street scenes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(Gambia Affairs) - Police in Kotu are keeping in custody an employee of privately-owned Foroyaa newspaper, Mass Kah, over allegations of denigrating and insulting President Yahya Jammeh during a discussion at his home in Serekunda.

According to police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Supreintendent David Kujabi, Mr Kah was arrested on November 14, 2013 at his home and initially detained at Serekunda police station before being transferred to Kotu police station, about 13 kilometers Southwest of the capital, Banjul.

"People should be mindful of their utterances because of the laws in place. No one is an exception as far as these laws are in place," Mr Kujabi warned.

Even though he has not been charged with any offence, Kah was subjected to fierce interrogations and insults by police officers while in custody. He was denied access to family and colleagues during the past 4 days in detention.

According to sources, Kah's arrest came following his mentioning in a discussion that "an opposition PDOIS leader Halifa Sallah was the only man that wear trouser in The Gambia," which translates that "the opposition figure was the only man in the country."

Reacting to Kah's arrest, Managing editor of Foroyaa newspaper, Sam Sarr, said he find it difficult to meet the officer in charge of Mr Kah's case in order to secure his release. He said if securing bail failed, his newspaper will resort to taking legal action against the State.

This is second time in two months that someone has been arrested for denigrating President Jammeh. In September, Mr Jamanty Mboge, a student was charged with seditious intent and currently going to court for describing President Jammeh as a "useless President disturbing people" during a skype chat.

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