Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Amid runaway reports, The Gambia calls home students in India

The Gambia: Fleeing Students Abroad Urged to be Good Ambassadors of Country
Yesterday, President  Yahya Jammeh ordered The Gambia Government-sponsored students studying in India to come back home immediately, following reported absconding.

The Office of the President understand some students at the Sharda University in Delhi have absconded, a statement relayed on State TV, GRTS said.

"It has  come to the notice of the Office of the President that some Gambian students under the sponsorship of President Jammeh at the Sharda University  have absconded," the national broadcaster reports.

The statement described the act of absconding as "unacceptable" and urge Government-funded students abroad to refrain such acts. 

"... be good and noble ambassadors of The Gambia," the statement advices, before stating that the cost of the return of the students from Delhi will be fully taken care-of by President Jammeh's office.


Written by Modou S. Joof
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