Tuesday, April 24, 2012

“New Drama” on Journalist Couple Murder in Bangladesh.

April 24th, 2012 · By Ahidul Islam · On The Daily IIJ

Journalist couple Sagar Sarowar and his wife Meherun Runi
After 73 days of murder investigation officer get permission to exhume the bodies of journalist couple Sagar Sarowar and his wife Meherun Runi from their graves for second autopsy. 

Today court of Bangladesh gives this permission. After this order, people start criticism comment on Face Book, Twitter and other on line media regarding this issue.

Now, look previous story on couple murder in Bangladesh. Sagar, news editor of private TV station Maasranga, and Runi, a senior reporter of another TV channel ATN Bangla. 

They were killed in the small hours on February 11 at their rented apartment in the capital Dhaka. Killer killed them by sharp knife.

After this incident, home minister assure that, “within 48 hours criminal will be cop at any cost”. Still today nobody capture by police or any other law enforcement agency.

Earlier on April 18, the High Court expressed frustration over the Detective Branch’s (DB) failure in identifying the killer(s) of the journalist couple and ordered to shift the case to Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).

Now question is that, after 73 days what want to see by RAB investigation officer? I think this is a drama. Already there is an autopsy by DB. Basically RAB want to show the people they are very busy with this. They are very serious. Nothing can happen, killer will be free.

(5 year old  Megh, son of  Runi-Sagor)

At the early hour of killing, journalist and civil society demand punishment of killer as early as possible. That time our prime minister told that, government cannot give protection people life in their bad room.

What do you think?
Now the important information, In the last 16 years, 17 journalists have been murdered in Bangladesh. A fair trial is not yet, single killing incident of journalist. Investigate the murder case is weak – the absence of evidence killer receive immunity.

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